September 19, 2022

Piffaro The Renaissance Band

Coming Together

I had the opportunity to photograph a band that plays Classical music. Piffaro The Renaissance Band is their name. Most times, you try to stay in your comfort zone, and as I love music, I felt very comfortable meeting and photographing these musicians. They happened to be in town and needed someone to create some beautiful images for promotional purposes, so I accepted the challenge.

I just love talking to musicians about subjects other than music. They've spent a lifetime learning their instruments and just seem to love talking about other things that are going on in the world. You also get to see their humility in front of the camera. You learn that even though they perform in front of hundreds, even thousands of listeners, they feel quite vulnerable in front of the camera for a portrait. I try to make them feel calm by having pleasing conversations which keep the session fun. I will continue to strive to capture the best of my clients. Just keep the ideas fresh and the fun you have during your sessions will show in your final images.