September 25, 2022

Behavioral Wellness Center Fundraiser & Award Ceremony


I had the opportunity to photograph an event for The Behavioral Wellness Center at Girard in Philadelphia. The event took place at The Hilton on City Line Ave. This organization does amazing work for the community. It supports addiction. ?Whether it be drugs or alcohol, they have the base to bring you in and get your life on a positive path. The evening started with a meet and greet. I saw people who work together embracing in heartfelt hugs. They all know what they do as a team, and were more than excited to be at an event that highlighted their hard work.

The second portion of the evening featured an award ceremony, giving recognition to people who were once addicts and have turned aroung their lives. These people are now doctors and counselors. This is what a community needs. Someone who was where you are now. They have life experiences and aren't just talking from a book. Once all the accolades were handed out, everyone moved to the fun room. Yes, addiction is a serious subject, but we also should have a chance to celebrate those who help to fight this as well as those who have turned their own lives around. From the delicious food that was served, to the Soul Train line, the evening ended with more embraces.

Time to get back to work in the morning helping those who need it.